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Up close & personal,  because sometimes it just takes a new pair of eyes.

Do you feel like your store is in a slump?  Like it needs to be re-energized?   Add pizzazz to your merchandising,  create new packaging or possibly totally redesign the store.  Sometimes it just takes a new pair of eyes to see the opportunities.  Could be time for a re-visioning and re-branding of your store.  I’d love to work with you one on one to create these new strategies, store designs, merchandising….whatever the need is, we’ll strategize where you are now, where you want to go and how we can get there together.

Systems Savvy & Staff Success

Systems awry (or non- existent)? Nothing gets done the way you want it and you wind up having to do it all yourself.  A systems creation package that can tackle everything from inventory management, sales training, signage and display design standards to training on how to manage without mayhem for your managers sets you and your staff up for success and gives your staff a sense of ownership in the day to day operations and the success of the store.

You’ll see how important it is that your staff understand the financial piece of your business (yes, it’s time to share that and we’ll show you how so that it really makes a difference). With the right systems in place, you can work ON your business as well as IN it!

Branding & Marketing Magic

Marketing doesn’t just mean Social Media or running an ad in the newspaper.  In encompasses everything from your signage and branding to in-store promotions and packaging, outside events, email marketing and customer service.  We’ll create a plan for the important marketing pieces of how you touch your customers at every part of their journey with you and your store….before they ever come in all the way to after they sale.

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