The computer is open, your Facebook page is staring back at you… what?

Yeah, we’ve all been there. Facebook used to be so much easier before all this new algorithm stuff. You wrote, you posted and all your fans liked and shared. We were in heaven.

Now if 1% of your Facebook fans see your post it’s a good day so you may even think it’s not worth posting at all but it is. The problem becomes…what to post.

Facebook’s algorithm wants content that either humorous, inspirational or educational and actually, that’s what your fans want too. While you may want to just hype all of your products and your promotions you have to first earn the right to do that by providing content that your fans will love.

That all sounds great, right? But what in the world is all that great content?

Here’s a list of our 13 best ideas for creating content that gets likes, shares and comments that you can start doing today.

  1. Ask a question. It can be something silly like “You’re on a deserted island. What 3 things would you bring?” to “It’s Saturday morning…what are you doing today?”  And here’s a hint–when someone answers the question be sure to make a comment on their answer or at the very least “like” it.  This is how you start relationships that build your business.
  2. Go to to discover all the funny days and weird holidays. There’s bound to be something that ties in with your store.   Did you know there’s a National Deviled Egg Day.   How can you tie that to a post that would relate to your store and customers.
  3. Funny, inspirational or motivational quotes are always good and very often get shared. Google quotes about women, quotes about food, quotes about…well just about anything. Just make sure you give credit to the quote maker.  You can create beautiful quote graphics using Canva which is a free graphics site.  You’ll love it!
  4. Memes make everyone happier. Get your fans LOL’ing with a funny meme. Use Memestache, Reddit or Pinterest to search for Memes that are appropriate for your customer (and remember, keep it clean). And don’t plagarize!
  5. Behind the scenes. Customers love seeing what makes your business tick. Take pics of merchandise being unpacked, floor displays being changed, prep for an in-store event you’re doing.  Pictures of your staff or your customers interacting with your merchandise (with their approval of course)
  6. Videos = viral. As long as you keep them short. Thanks to social media, users now have a shorter attention span than a goldfish (Science courtesy of Microsoft). Post a 15 – 30 second video of something happening in your store. Everyone’s smart phone is a video camera. Take advantage of it.  Facebook live is the best tool ever.  Don’t be afraid of video….it’s only scary the first time and then after that, it becomes so much easier.
  7. TGIF. Celebrate the end of the week with a Thank God it’s Friday post. Positive Facebook posts get higher engagement rates…and what’s more positive than Friday.
  8. Flash Sales and Special Promotions. Ok, you’ve created lots of content that isn’t spammy so now it’s your turn to promote your store. How about a Flash Sale or Exclusive Offering.  Be careful however with your wording. Facebook often penalizes self promotional posts so don’t use sales-y words like “discount”. Keep it short and simple such as “because we love our Facebook Fans”. Maybe even boost your post to your Facebook Fans for the day to get even great engagement—and traffic.
  9. Tutorials. Step by step instructions (with a video is even better) on how to use your product. Are you a fashion store–a video on 5 ways to tie a scarf is great.   A gift store–create a picture carousel of 5 great hostess gifts.  You get the idea.
  10. Share pictures. Your merchandise, your staff, a new sign you created. It goes without saying that everything you post should have a picture or a video with it. Posts that are just words don’t play well on the Facebook playground
  11. Share and comment on what’s happening in your community. Festivals, marathons (say good luck to all the runners), big events. Be part of what’s happening in your town.  It’s what’s on your customer’s minds…so get in front of them when they’re thinking about it.
  12. Talk about what your customers are talking about. For example, the night of the Mad Men final episode would have been a great time to comment on or share one of the many articles on line about it’s ending. Saying goodbye to a show that everyone is talking about puts you in the moment.
  13. Links to intersting articles that would appeal to your customers and that fits your niche.

Here’s a few time hacks for posting that will help you manage your Social Media.

Use the scheduler inside of Facebook to post a week’s worth of shares and save time.  You’ll find the scheduler in the drop down menu under Publish. Other scheduling tools such as Post Planner, Buffer and Hootsuite allow you to manage your Facebook, Twitter (and on some of the platforms, Pinterest) so that you can manage everything in one place.

Create a content strategy so that you’re not wondering what to post.  For instance Monday is an inspirational quote, Tuesday is a question, Wednesday is a behind the scenes picture, and on and on.  It helps to take the guesswork out of what to post when.  Batch create your inspirational quotres and pictures so that you have a backlog of things to choose from.

Be consistent with your posts. And it’s ok to repeat posts every few week with just a slight change to the headline to get more mileage for your content..

Follow the Facebook pages of your competitors or other stores where your ideal customers would be to get other great ideas and see what their customers are reacting to.

All of these great Facebook posts ideas are crafted to increase engagement. And all that extra love will tell Facebook’s mystical algorithm (oh great mighty one) that your business serves up Grade A content so they will be more likely to show future posts to even more fans.

That’s what I call a win-win.

So what types of Facebook posts has your business seen the most success with? Share in the comments below.