There’s such a thrill when you walk into a store that has really created a great focus with their merchandise, with curated merchandise stories, eye-catching, amusing and “gotta buy” displays ,informative signage, exceptional customer service and great branding and packaging. You know you want to come back…and bring all your friends.

As a retailer you love with your merchandise. I always did. You’re excited to go to market & find something new that that your customers will love too. Or a new category to add to continue to differentiate your store from your competitors…and keep you ahead of that other ogre—online shopping.  But what happens when the merchandise you thought would fly out the door, doesn’t.  Well it does happen.  Gosh if every piece of merchandise was a hot seller, we’d be sitting on a beach somewhere, right.  So how do you find the great merchandise….and how do you know if it will sell?

Exceptional customer service is what you’re known for. Creating those moments of magic, surprising and delighting your customers at every turn. When your customers walk out the door thinking “that’s the best thing that’s happened to me today” you know you’ve accomplished your goal.  You give great customer service and you teach your staff to do the same but how do you know if they’re always doing it when you’re not there.  Is customer service your differentiating factor

But, who makes all those things come together? You do!

It takes a lot of work, thought, passion and time to put all the pieces together. You’re the buyer, the HR department, the marketing guru, the accountant, the customer service leader….and then the plumber, the repairman (or woman) or even the delivery person!

You think about your business 24/7. You wake up in the middle of the night mid thought (how is that possible?) thinking about the next promotion, holiday, gift show or problem with something that you’re facing.

That’s why I created Bee Business Smart.

A place to help you the with the tips, tools, resources, information and inspiration to take the overwhelm out of the every day. To help you plan and strategize, build sales, increase profits, train your staff and…most importantly…run your business so that you also get to have a life.

Now THAT’S what it’s all about. Right?